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History of Morris Dancing
Contact our squire - Bob Doucet

SHEEP Practice every Wednesday evening!
** at the legion at 7:30pm


2013 - St. Patrick's Day in Vancouver







Sheep Videos

Traditional May Day dance at dawn, by the Bowen Island Black Sheep!


Davie Day, 2011 - Black Sheep capering away all afternoon on Davie St. in Vancouver!
Th nks to "Butchnews.com" (Terry David Silvercloud)  for the great video!


Vancouver's 7th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade:
- Black Sheep dance by the children's tent post-parade...

- Here's a quick intro the the Black Sheep in 'parade formation', followed by various parade highlights...


Upton Festival, May 2009:
- Here the sheep perform Shepherd's Pie; Jubelo; and Tri Martolod -


on Bowen TV, Mayday 2008:


somewhere in 2009:
- Performing Black Joke -